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UPDATE, october 23rd.
Spreading the tribute bandcamp over the internet, the news comes to the ears of the band TRUE BELIEVERS. Band was supposed to be part of the tribute back in 2OO8 ; as I let the idea sleeps for years since then, losing the password of the myspace account etc...we longer were in touch. Yesterday, Reno, TB's singer came back to me and sent the song. Here it is online now. ENJOY

DARKEST HOUR 'go back to the gym' basically as a bonus song from their "so sedated, so secure" full length on Victory Records.

MAKE IT COUNT 'whatever it takes' basically from their 'leeway' full length on Gangstyle Records.

Just a few words...

I'm just a long time BATTERY fan. Basically, this tribute was supposed to be released as a cd, back in 2007/2008. But I gave it up (time, money, motivation).
Loads of bands wanted to be part of the tribute, some never recorded anything. Others were okay but had no time or money for the studio (I can understand).

About MAKE IT COUNT, the song has been recorded for their full length, but guys asked (and GSR were okay) me to be part of the tribute.
About DARKEST HOUR, the song has been recorded for their full length, and i just added it on my own to the tribute. If the cd released ever happened, I don't know (?) if the song could have been on the cd.

Been in touch, more or less with GOOD CLEAN FUN, DAMNATION A.D, DEATHRIGHT, COLLIGERE, HOODS UP, A BETTER HOPE FOUNDATION, BLACK HAVEN, OVERDOSE, GATOR BAITS, HOSTAGE CALM, HARDLY, PETITION, OVERTHROW, FIRST FAILURE, RECONCILE, STRUGGLE AGAINST, TRUE BELIEVERS, TO THE LIONS and maybe more. I wished all these bands could have make it to be ârt of the tribute. Maybe some day, who knows ?

Now, I just want to share all the songs i got. Been on my computer for ages. Hope everyone will enjoy those songs as I do.

Started on a myspace page (do you remember MySpace ???)... sorry i forgot my password a long time ago.

Sorry for the mistakes in my 'english' on this page, I'm a frenchie.

Special thanks goes out to Victor GALINDO, Richard WALBERT and Nicolas GRESSET for keeping it real, after all this time.

I think thats all. Maybe some more soon... or not.

Thank you.



released January 1, 2013



all rights reserved



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Track Name: Until The End (by DANCEFLOOR JUSTICE)
I see faces
I see the faces looking down on me,
But they can stare and i don't really care,
Because they'll never understand what we're made of.

Because today is the day when we forget all regrets
And focus on what really matters.
And i hope for you this is more then a trend,
Because you can count on me UNTIL THE END

The fucking kids
The kinds are at it again
To your parents it's"just a phase"
But we're with you so don't be afraid.


But can i count on you?
Are you with me?
Are you with me UNTIL THE END?
Can i count on you UNTIL THE END?
Track Name: Go Back To The Gym (by DARKEST HOUR)
Does it make you feel big and strong
To flex your muscles in between songs?
Well, this one... don't sing along
Because this show will go on without you?

You don't care about this, so there's the door.
You feel like shit, so you've come to settle the score.

Is scoring all that you know,
Or did you mistake this for monday night football
Grab a beer, hit the couch and feel alone,
Because this show will go on without you.


Sunday matinees have never seemed the same
Since you turned our hardcore shows into a football game.
But you're not the only one to blame,
Because we sat back for so many years
and watched you play all your stupid tough-guy games
We took your shit and now we're lying in it.

It's time to make a change...MAKE IT FUCKIN' CHANGE
If there's 200 kids and only there total dicks,
Which of us do you think should get to say?
Track Name: Why Is She In Pain ? (by NO EXCUSES)
She was to be beautiful
For our beauty-starved eyes.
She's dying, she's dying, she's dying
But we never seem to mind.
Her cry is in her toothpick legs
And attention-hungry smile,
And as it goes on, the transfer occurs
From magazine to child

But the only thing these beauty magazines leave
Is low self-esteem
The only thing they leave is a low self-esteem

We're brainwashed to think that thin is pretty,
But if beauty is love, why is she in pain?
I'm guilt, i'm guilty, i'm guilty.
I's time we placed the blame,
Let's also blame the media,
And face the fact that this is insane,
And spit in the face of their so-called beauty
And make a change


We have got to open our eyes
If we want to make a change
We have got to open our eyes
If we want to make a change

Because there are sick and starving girls
Throwing up after they eat
So they can look thin and pretty
For the people the meet.
And the thing that scared me the most
Is there are people that i hold close
That are dying
And i never even noticed

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Track Name: Overcome (by Under 18)
Fighting for ideals not for personal gain
One man one vote is all they want so why should we obtain
From helping them free themselves we fought for it in this hand
End apartheid, free its victims, their fate is in our hands
The walls will fall
Believes become reality

We take our freedom for granted
While others must fight for their own
How long must they suffer, we can`t let them fight it alone
Indifference isn`t solving anything, it`s time to take a side
Each day, hammering away at the pillers of apartheid

How long does it have to be before you will see
This problem won`t go away unless we fight for equality
Track Name: Whatever It Takes (by MAKE IT COUNT)
I'm reaching my hand out to you -
Come with us if you want to.

Whatever it takes, we'll stand together.
No matter what you've got or where you're from.
We're all the same, we can count on each other
Be cause if we can't, who can we count on.
Only hatred and anger can split us apart,
But i know that they will never split us apart
We can be who we want to be, you and me,
And now is when we've got to start.

We've all got choices to make -
What path are you going to take ?

Whatever it takes, we'll stand together.
No matter what you've got or where you're from.
We're all the same, we can count on each other
Be cause if we can't, who can we count on.
Only hatred and anger can split us apart,
But i know that they will never split us apart
We can be who we want to be, you and me,
And now is when we've got to start.

I'm going to see what's behind each and every door.
What do we say, what do we know - there's so much more.
It's not for me, is it for you ? Don't you want to know ?
What are we waiting for - don't you want to know ?
Let's go.
Track Name: Has Been (by ENERGY)
Do you think i'm a piece of shit
Because i act a little funny and dress a little different?
You don't know me, what i believe,
What i aspire to be.
Do you think i'm a total freak
Because i sleep in class and never laugh
At your stupid jokes
Like the puppets on your social rope?

Withour you high school glory, you've got your guard down.
Now are you wishing you hadn't acted like the class clown?
Because the people who laugh only laugh
Because they're scared of being humiliated in front of the class.

Would you be totally hurt
If i said i didn't care about your sports
And money and parties?
Isn't that fanny, isn't that fanny
That it is probably driving you nuts,
Because to you it means so much?
But when your 4-year kingdom is done.
You'll be all alone; have fun, fun, fun


Sit in your back yard and reminisce
You're old, you're a has-been.

Nobody keeps in touch with the assholes who talk too much,
So when high school's over, your reign end,
And the same reasons that made you the coolest guy in school
Will leave withour and friends.
Cause we've had enough.

Me and my friends have had enough.
Track Name: Never Forget (by EVASION)
Angry, i was so angry, i was so scared.
I was never there,
Always turning my back on the people who cared.
So believe me when i tell you
I know i was wrong, i never let you near
Now lonely and crying, i hold your memory dear.

Pls understand
I'm sry, my friend, i am.

But when you're lying the gutter, it's hard to look at the stars.
We're all so busy feeling down and out,
It's easy to forget who your friends are.
The people who care, the people who will listen,
We should never take for granted the love that they are giving.

Selfish, i was so selfish, though i was i pain.
It seems so lame
That i could just turn my back and walk away.
So believe me when i tell you
Though things will never be the same,
I will always love you in my own special way.


I'm sry. i will never take for granted the love that you're giving.